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The best terraces in Lisbon - Torel's Garden

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DSC_0076It's, maybe, one of my favorite spots in Lisbon.
Torel’s Garden is one of those places yet mysterious to many Lisbon inhabitants. One of the urban games usually promote and sell in Lisbon, to the Portuguese clients, has its beginning and end in this garden and there are many Portuguese, from Lisbon, who do not know this garden.
Is located in one of the seven hills of Lisbon where during the 18th and 19th centuries were built many impressive palaces that stood until the present day.
The garden is facing West and the terrace you can find there we have a nice view of the sunsetting.
The terrace has a very cosmopolitan clientele and you often find bands rehearsing or even playing.
Is a place to drink a beer? Yes, of course ... is almost mandatory.
I strongly recommend a special sandwich that they have here, is got goat cheese, oragano and they toast it slightly and, only after that, they add the the lettuce, nhummy.
Enjoy the visit and have fun.