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The best terraces in Lisbon - Teatro da Garagem

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The Mouraria is one of the most typical quarters of Lisbon.

It is said that the Mouraria is the birthplace of the Fado and here also we can find the “Café da Garagem”.

The “Café da Garagem” is located in Teatro Taborda building, built for the “Sociedade Taborda” (Taborda Company) in 1870, therefore this a 19th-century theatre building.

Since 2005 the building is occupied by the “Teatro da Garagem”, a theatre company founded in 1989.

Within the space of the theater works the “Café da Garagem”, a coffee with a magnificent view over Lisbon and a fabulous terrace.

The great peculiarity of this coffee shop is the existence of the panoramic sunroom and terrace which can be seen in the photograph. During the summer gives us a protected location from the heat and during the winter is even more spectacular because it gives us the possibility of having a magnificent view and be protected from rain and cold.

I particularly like the cakes they havehere. Do not forget to try the Apple Pie ... is different ... very good.

Have fun.

David Monteiro