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Foz do Lizandro

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 I love to see the guests faces when we meet for the walk looking at me like saying "we were expecting a much better scenario then this king of parking place" … well, be patient.Foz Do Lizandro 002 - Portugal

You just have to walk around 1,5Km (+/- 1 mi) and the landscape will completely change. There are less trees and you will be able to see the Lizandro river mouth area like the this post's photo … it's an amazing spot.

There are several options for walks starting from here. The shortest I love the most is the one surrounding the small mount that has a  trig point called São Julião and you can walk around 4Km (+/- 2,5mi) with beach bar halfway … perfect.

At the beach bar ask for a "pastel de carne" it's a very tasty puff pastry filled in with meat and you can have it while drinking a beer :)

Enjoy your day.

David Monteiro

Location: Foz do Lizandro, Portugal